It’s been recently revealed that product director at IOHK, Aparna Jue said that the platform is more than just a wallet.

As the whole crypto space knows, Cardano has recently migrated from the Byron to the Shelley era, boosting decentralization via the introduction of staking pools.

Cointelegraph noted that the platform does not have smart contracts yet nor a decentralized governance module.

On the other hand, Charles Hoskinson promised that smart contracts will be implemented before the end of this year.

“This could be a way of the future where you could be at home and you can run a proof-of-stake protocol and you can earn some rewards for it. And a lot of our pool operators are doing just that and trying to figure out how to help them make a business out of it. So to me, that’s already started the success for Cardano and a proof-of-stake system,” Jue said.

She continued and explained, that “If we don’t understand the types of tool flows and how they like to build then just putting that functionality on-chain, It’s going to be attacking a very small subset of expert developers. And we want this to be a platform that a lot of people can use.”

It’s been revealed that the Cardano community talks about how the future will be changed with the help of Cardano.

Cardano continues to make waves in the crypto space with all kinds of achievements and bold plans.

Regarding the price of ADA, at the moment of writing this article, the coin is trading in the red and it’s priced at $0.138870.

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