We all know that finding a trusted online broker is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are thousands of online platforms on the internet that boast of having the best broker services. It becomes very hard to choose one platform out of all.

For a new trader, every platform will look the same. Not only for the new traders but sometimes even the experienced traders get confused with the best platforms. In reality, the difference between a trusted and fraudulent online broker platform is just a single thin thread.

To make this clear and improve your decision-making capabilities to choose the best online broker platform, we have come up with a list of questions that you must answer before choosing an online broker.

1.  Does the broker facilitate your strategies?

It is very important to find a broker which can understand your strategy and can follow them. Most of the time what happens is that you have formulated a strategy to follow with the trades, but brokers trades with his/her belief. This make the trade not go as you planned. This can really leave a bad taste between broker and trader relationship.

2.  What will be the commission of the broker?

It is very important to know what the broker will charge for placing your trades. So before starting with the trade, you must confirm the commission charge. There are different kinds of assets that perform differently on the trading platform. Each asset has different percentage of commission charges.

3.  Does the platform offer banking services?

There are several platforms that do not facilitate any banking services. That means you have to open up an account before approaching them. This make the trade complicated. However, there are some platforms that offer banking services to their client. So, look for those kinds of platforms.

4.  Do they offer advisory services?

There are traders who like to walk alone on the path of being a trader, while there are some who like to take advice from professional traders before making a deal. Decide for yourself what kind of trader you are and choose a platform accordingly.

For instance, bitcoin-profitapp.com is an online platform that provides broker services, and in addition, it also provides advisory services to those who want to need an expert to advise on trading deals.

5.  Are you provided with any trading tools?

If you are an investor that depends on your own decision-making capabilities to make a trading decision. In that case, are you provided with supportive tools by the platform to help with your decision? Tools like the graph on the past trading volumes.

It became one of the deciding factors while choosing an online broker. If you are a technical trader who deals after taking consideration of all technical information, then tools play an important role and help you make the right decisions.

6.  What type of investment you can make with this broker?

You must go with a platform that allows you with trade options. Normally a trading platform will help you with trade options like stocks, mutual, funds, Bonds, etc. But if you want to have advance option at your disposal like Forex and future trade, then you need to find platforms accordingly.

7.  What kind of Customer services they provide?

Finally, you must look at how good they are with customer services. We have seen several platforms with shitty customer services that have made them one of the disliked platforms. At the same time, we have also come across many broker platforms that have decent services, but the flaw is that they maintain those services for a couple of an hour only.

Good quality customer services can really help to solve every problem a customer is facing. So, before you finalize an online broker platform, do ground-level research to make sure that your words will reach to them in times of crisis.


There are thousands of platforms and the sheer number makes it impossible to choose one platform that suits you perfectly. There will be times when even after looking thoroughly, you might not be able to find one for yourself. Then, in that case, you can always go for two platforms simultaneously.

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