Tron’s two-day developer conference just took place, and Tron made some pretty bold claims there, as expected.

Justin Sun opened the event, but who seemed to catch the attention of the public eye more was Marcus Zhao, head of the Tron public chain.

After he informed the audience about Tron’s ongoing and future developments, he made sure to highlight the importance of feedback in the community.

He stated that Tron “will listen to the community to achieve the decentralization of developing team and attract more developers to join us.”

Tron is set to surpass EOS

Li Chong, head of the developer community, said that the network is completely supporting developers on their plans regarding blockchain.

He said that Tron is a platform and a whole ecosystem and informed people that with 145 dApps and over 3,000 developers the network would be able to surpass EOS in everything.

Justin Sun said that there would be more than 2000 dApps in the market by the end of 2019.

As you know, a while ago, Sun invited Ethereum developers to deploy their dApps on the Tron network.

He said that the Tron network is open to developers and they are striving to create a better ecosystem for dApps. In the weekly report, Sun highlighted the growth of the network.

Tron is planning a colossal partnership

2019 has just begun and Tron is already making significant moves. Tron says that Brian Wong, Kiip CEO is planning a collaboration with them.

Wong addressed the blockchain revolution in advertising during the Tron niTROn summit.

Kiip is used by over 10,000 apps. They say that their performance exceeds industry standards.

“We target consumers based on data collected from billions of interactions across our network. Our approach is unintrusive and effective, which is proven by our average engagement rate of 20% — 10x the industry average.”

Considering that most of Justin Sun’s 2018 plans have been achieved, the community is positive that the same will happen this year.

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