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Voltaire To Bring Accountability To Funding On Cardano

IOHK’s CEO, Charles Hoskinson, shared a video on his YouTube account recently and he addressed more important issues about the project.

He explained the lengthy process behind ensuring accountability to funding on Cardano.

Voltaire is the blockchain’s governance era

Voltaire will boost Cardano into one of the best innovation management platforms on the market – the goal is to have thousands of people taking part in the blockchain’s accountability process.

The upcoming installation of Cardano has the main focus to bring governance to the blockchain, and it will introduce some of the most complex management processes in the industry, as CryptoSlate notes.

In his recent video, Hoskinson addresses the depths of this subject, explaining to viewers everything there is to know about it.

Charles Hoskinson is optimistic about the future of Cardano

It’s important to note the fact that he was optimistic about the future that’s set for Cardano, but, on the other hand, he was quite reserved in his predictions.

He said that there’s a chance that this lengthy process could be taking up to 20 years to complete.

You should check out the complete video below:

The feedback that Hoskinson got for the video and explanations was great, as always.

For instance, a YouTuber said: “CH – I still struggle to understand how amazing this is. I know companies are all about revenue revenue revenue, monopoly, monopoly… I first time in my life heard of an organization that wants to give up its power (IOHK), beg for funding… to the community.”

The same person continued and said that “It’s almost like one left the company just to be hired again to check if one is worthy to be hired for the money one wants (and value one gives to the company). I mean I am shocked. I am loving it 100% for novelty, for courage, for everything, this is so much out of ordinary.”

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