As you probably know by now, Cardano enthusiasts marked an important day on July 29. The Cardano Shelley launched and this could not be more exciting.

Charles Hoskinson and his team have been working really hard for a lot of time in order to make it all happen.

Shelley is fully launched

Here’s the very first announcement that he made the other day on his Twitter account.

The feedback that the team received was positive as always with the Cardano community, making sure to congratulate everyone.

Someone said: “On the 10 year birthday of my son Shelley is born, what an epic day this is! Looking so much forward to the next ten years, for what my son will do in this world and what Shelley will do for this.”

One other follower posted this: “Great job Charles and to the rest of the team. Can’t wait to see what else lays on the horizon. This is only the beginning!”

Someone else even made a bet in the favor of Cardano: “One of the analogies of Cardano with Bitcoin… It is that both rise in the biggest economic crises in history… Cardano will be bigger than BTC if it fulfills all its expectations…
@IMOK_Charles Let’s make a new bet for 10 years… The problem is that I bet in favor hahaha.”

The community was really impressed by the emotion that Hoskinson showed in the video above and made sure to flood the comments with congratulatory messages.

Shelley upgrade that is aiming to make the Cardano blockchain fully decentralized.

ADA price is also expected to make some exciting moves. At the moment of writing this article, ADA is trading in the red and the coin is priced $0.140702.

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