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Charles Hoskinson Addresses Governance And Independence of Cardano

Charles Hoskinson made the Cardano Community excited when he dropped a new video on his Twitter account.

Check it our below. He is addressing the Governance and Independence of Cardano.

The video was received with massive enthusiasm by the community, and people made sure to praise Hoskinson in the comments.

Recently, he also tweeted an update video for Daedalus Flight 2.3. You can check it out below.

A commenter posted this message on YouTube: “Love these innovations, keep them coming! And no, we don’t mind download the BC for 15 minutes.”

Someone else said: “Lack of automatic updates was my largest issue with the platform. Thank you for fixing this!!”

Another follower posted: “Are there plans to show graphs and other types of fancy data visualizations in the future? Great progress so far.”

One other Cardano community member said: “Thank you to all for your hard work. Hopefully hardware wallet support is coming. I can’t feel comfortable with crypto on a laptop and repeatedly exposing the spending password. It only takes one rogue site or ad to infect and steal crypto sitting on a computer.”

eToro offers staking rewards for holders of Cardano (ADA)

In other relevant Cardano news, it’s been reported that the crypto exchange eToro is launching a new service that will be offering rewards for staking tokens, starting with Tron’s TRX and Cardano’s ADA as well.

The trading platform revealed that the service, which is one of the very first ones to offer to stake for Cardano’s native digital asset ADA, would go live later this month.

According to the reports coming from CoinDesk, eToro will effectively execute the staking on behalf of its users.

Regarding ADA’s price at the moment, on CMC, the coin is trading in the green, and it’s priced at $0.094564.

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