Charles Hoskinson made headlines recently when it’s been revealed that he released a lecture on securing your wallet recovery phrase.

Here’s his announcement on Twitter.

Hoskinson addresses the Cardano effect

Now, Hoskinson dropped another important announcement on the same social media account:

Cardano community feedback

Someone responded with: “I have an idea: good humans » good systems » good codes, and I feel cardanians could get it. I named Proof-of-Trust. Let good humans fix world machine flaws. By now it’s a job for humans only.”

Another member of the Cardano community responded this to Hoskinson: “I think that is not realistic. Humans are super easy to manipulate and fool. So, who are those “good humans”? Are they chosen by people or are they self elected as “good”? Humanity knows examples of both ways that went really bad for most people. Who’s up to declare good and bad?”

Someone else said: “Great idea. There should be representatives of big and small pools in the group. Operators of big pools will have different needs and opinions than the operators of small pools.”

You should check out the complete thread in order to see more reactions to the tweet.

Regarding the pricing of Cardano’s ADA, at the moment of writing this article, the coin is trading in the red and it’s priced at $0.144563.

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