Ethereum (ETH) Is Set To Surge By 900% According To Crypto Analysts

These are exhilarating times for the crypto space are more experts are pointing out to the fact that we’re getting a 2017 feeling.

After BTC managed to surpass $10k, the most important digital asset in the crypto space is expected to hit $15k soon and then also surpass the level of $20k.

ETH crossed the $300 level

Ethereum (ETH) was also able to pass the $300 level for the very first time in ten months, and this is only the beginning, according to reports coming from the online publication Smartereum.

The bull run led other cryptos to surge as well, following Bitcoin’s path.

Smartereum notes that ETH’s next targets are $350 and $400. At the moment, the coin is trading in the green on CMC, and it’s priced at $310.84at the moment of writing this article.

If you recall, ETH’s all-time high was $1,500. The following crypto winter in 2018 led to the fall of ETH, and the coin’s bottom was $82.

But the online publication mentioned above notes that crossing the $300 level has been difficult for ETH and they also note the fact that some crypto experts were even worried at one point that the coin would not be able to cross this important level.

They also mention data from CoinDesk and say that the crypto is set to surge “as high as $364 near-term and then it will test $400 within the next two months.”

New developments on the Ethereum blockchain

In other news, one of the biggest insurance providers in the world is testing a new PoC on the Ethereum blockchain.

MetLife is beginning a pilot program in order to verify if the technology can boost efficiency and transparency, according to the latest reports coming from Forbes.

This is reportedly said to be “the first pilot program in the world focused on the life insurance industry.”

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