Ripple and XRP have been in the spotlight a lot this year, with the San Francisco-company bagging a lot of important partnerships and making huge efforts to boost the XRP ecosystem.

Ripple has been trying really hard to help XRP, and its products overcome the flaws of the traditional payments system.

XRP and cryptos can trigger a financial revolution

Digital assets such as XRP are the ideal tech to trigger a financial revolution, according to the latest reports coming from the Ripple executive.

During the FinTech Abu Dhabi 2019, Ripple’s managing director for Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa said that hundreds of millions of people would rely on micropayments in order to move value.

Navin Gupta stated that the real-world use cases include allowing websites to access content for a really cheap price instead of having to sign up for a subscription.

“Let’s assume [the website] already has millions of subscribers and it’s reaching a saturation point. It wants to give you the right to read just one article at 10 cents… But there is no payment system in the world today which can accept 10 cents from Emily and pay it to [a publisher],” he said.

He continued and explained that micropayments can turn out really helpful in such cases.

Head over to the original article written by the Daily Hodl to find out more of what Gupta had to say on the matter.

Also, watch the video above.

Ripple boosts XRP adoption

Ripple continues to boost XRP’s adoption with a recent move that we reported.

There’s a new job opening at Ripple that is placing the spotlight on the firm’s efforts to grow institutional adoption of XRP.

Ripple said that they are looking for a director of institutional markets whose primary purpose will be to expand the reach, use, and liquidity of XRP.

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