Tron CEO Justin Sun Invited President Donald Trump To The Lunch With Warren Buffet After Trump Blasted Crypto

We reported that the other day, that President Donald Trump finally offered his opinion on crypto and it’s not a supportive one at all.

Just the other day, we wrote that Trump offered his opinion on Bitcoin and cryptos.

There’s been a lot of speculation going on around the subject whether President Trump is a crypto holder or not and what’s his stance on crypto.

He recently posted a bunch of tweets on social media, just to make things clear regarding his position about the “controversial” subject.

In order to sum it up, he basically said that he’s not a fan and cryptos are based on thin air. He also said that cryptos support illegal actions.

Justin Sun wants to convince Trump that crypto is not that bad

Now, Justin Sun seems to be willing to change it all. You probably recall that he’s been gathering friends to take to the famous upcoming lunch that he will be having with Warren Buffet.

Sun gained massive media exposure not too long ago after he won an important charity auction.

You may recall that Sun won an eBay charity auction to have lunch with renowned investor Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett.

Sun posted his invitation on Twitter as a response to Trump’s tweet against crypto. He’s telling Trump that he’s being misled by fake news.

You can see his tweet below:

People responded in Sun’s favor and agreed that it would be great if Trump went to the lunch with him and Buffet as well.

Some believe that given the fact that Trump is a businessman, he will eventually understand what’s this all about.

As expected, Trump did not offer an answer to Sun‘s proposal and, as many said, he probably doesn’t even have a clue who Justin Sun is.

Stay tuned to find out more about what Sun intends to do and who is he planning to invite next to the famous lunch.


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